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March 17, 2009

Speedup JBoss LiveCycle Startup

JBoss Start-up Performance

Starting JBoss with a fully configured LiveCycle installation can take an awfully long time! We’ve done some digging and found that a large portion of this time is spent unpacking the LiveCycle EAR file – and copying these files into the jboss/server/all/tmp directory. In fact a fully configured LiveCycle EAR can amount to over 800 MB of data being written – which adds a considerable amount of time to the start-up.

JBoss supports unpacked EAR and WAR files in the deploy directory, which will save these files from being unpacked at start-up time. To simplify this we’ve created a small utility that unpacks the LiveCycle EAR file and all of its contents into the deploy directory.  

We’ve found that its halved the JBoss start-up time – on my laptop this saved nearly 8 minutes – which is lots when you have to restart Jboss often.


Download Link



  1. Download the utility and unzip the file. You should have a file called “AdobeJBossEarUnpacker.jar
  2. Run the Jar – it will prompt you for the location of the JBoss deploy directory (typically its under your LiveCycle install directory in /jboss/server/all/deploy).
  3. That’s it. It will create a copy of your LiveCycle.ear file then proceed to unpack LiveCyle inside your deploy directory. Whenever you need to redeploy LiveCycle make sure you delete the exploded directory first. 

Startup Sequence

While we are on the topic of starting JBoss another really handy trick is to make use of the “deploy.last” sub-directoy. Any files placed in this directory won’t be deployed until all the files in the main deploy directrry have started. This can be very handy when you have an application that is dependant on a LiveCycle service – which means that you don’t want it to start until LiveCycle its-self has fully started.

PS – Thanks to Malcolm Edgar for some great investigative work and creating the unpacker util.


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